Talk less & Show more

Are you bored with the theoretical ways of convincing your clients on web accessibility?
Are you looking for an innovative way of show-casing the importance of web accessibility?

Talk less show more “How an inaccessible web page and an accessible page make difference for wider web users who benefit out of accessibility. Click this online resource Before and After Demonstration(External website). Also a zip file is available to download.

What can you find here?

W3c WAI has put together a resource which gives a demo how an inaccessible page and accessible page looks. This is split into two parts Before and after. Also you can say it as Bad and Good in terms of accessibility.

Highlights of the resource

  1. Inappropriate and appropriate alternate text for images.
  2. Proper heading structure.
  3. Accessible form elements with labels and association with form elements.
  4. Clear and descriptive link text.
  5. Accessible form submission and error identification.
  6. Skip navigation mechanism.
  7. An evaluation report for both accessible and inaccessible pages.

What are you waiting for? Make your presentation with less number of slides to talk, use this demo to explain. No confusions, more clarity to understand.

Finally thank you Shadi Abou-Zahra and team for providing such wonderful resource.

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