MAXABILITY is not a single word. Max stands for maximum and Ability stands for Accessibility.

Maxability is nothing but Maximum Accessibility. Accessibility is the ability to approach anything under the sky.

People who have physical, visual, cognitive, learning and mental difficulties are often denied with various services, facilities, products that a general user is offered. Sometimes the service providers or product developers want to ensure that every user gets access to their service or product but they are not aware of various disability groups and the difficulties they face. Very few of the world population are aware of assistive technologies that a person with disability use. We want to make the web a better place for every individual irrespective of disability. We have the following objectives along the path.

Objectives of Maxability

Following are the primary objectives of this website.

  • Share knowledge to web developers for making the web a better place for persons with disabilities.
  • Educate the people with disabilities to make better use of web using assistive technologies.
  • Aware the service providers about the accessibility issues on their website or application.

What do we do

We constantly update our website with posts on general web accessibility, new technologies of web accessibility, effective use of assistive technologies, accessibility review of various websites and often worldwide happenings on web accessibility.

Do you want us to do more? Write to us. Find the ways to contact us at About us and About Rakesh Paladugula.

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